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"Rotterdam is a Nice Place to Live" is the creative town slogan according to their official website at Another slogan could be "Rotterdam is a Common Place to Receive a Traffic Ticket" as Rotterdam is one of the busier traffic courts here in the Capital Area. Chances are you are looking for an affordable traffic lawyer to handle your case in Rotterdam. If so, you have come to the right place. Attorney Randall Kehoe has been representing clients in these cases since 1990 and offers affordable, flat fees for New York speeding tickets, suspended license, a.u.o., unregistered, failure to yield, passed school bus, stop sign, failure to yield, disobey traffic device, and other Vehicle & Traffic violations and misdemeanors. Even if you have already plead guilty to the original charge, we may be able to petition the court to reexamine your case via error coram nobis. So put aside your worries for a moment about the negative consequences a ticket can have on your driving record, your insurance, and your wallet and call our office for a free consultation. You can also request a free consultation by completing our "Get Started Now" form provided here or speak to someone from our office on our Live Support Chat when available. To best assist you, please have a copy of the ticket on hand that will have important information regarding your scheduled court date and the exact charge.

One of the questions clients frequently have for us when calling is: "what should I expect in my case?" Of course everyone would like to know what the end result of their case will be - whether there will be points issued, what the court fine will be, whether there will be a surcharge issued, assessment fee, etc. The judge and court has the ultimate say in any case, but to help answer these questions, we have posted some of the results of former clients's cases on our website We invite you to browse the fine notices there and search for those that are similar to your case to get a better idea of what to expect in court.

Rotterdam DWI Defense

Our attorneys also defend clients charged with DWI in Schenectady County. Whether in Rotterdam or any of the other town, village, or city courts in the area, let Mr. Kehoe's impressive experience give you the edge you will need in pretrial negotiations or jury trial. When retained by you, our office springs into action putting you in contact with a certified Substance Abuse Counselor for an Alcohol Evaluation that can serve as an important tool while handling your case. For questions regarding DWI or to discuss the details of your DWI case in Rotterdam please contact our office or visit our dedicated site Rotterdam DWI Lawyer.

* If you are an attorney or law firm seeking local counsel in Rotterdam Town Court or of counsel in Schenectady County, please contact our office to speak with attorney Randall Kehoe.

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